We guarantee all your goods will reach our warehouse safely. We require that you provide us with shipping documentation, including a proforma invoice, before shipping your products to us. All your goods to your customer will also be pack carefully. We will make sure the goods are delivered to your customer in an excellent and professional condition.

All parcel is delivered by our extensive logistics partner, real-time tracking information will be provided to you.
Every time we make a booking of your order with a carrier, a tracking number with real time information on the location of the parcel is generated. This tracking will be updated and send to you daily.

We guarantee a quick turn around time for you, once your goods reach the port, we will clear to our warehouse with one working day, helping you to save cost. And once delivery order is confirmed, we will ship it within the same working day.

We understand reliable service is most important to you, to achieve that, we make sure we are responsible to you. All our manager contacts are provided to you, and they are ready to answer any of your enquires 24X7.

How can we Help?

Do you have goods that you are not sure how you can deliver to your customer?

We specialize in shipping sensitive goods like a prescription lens, supplements, medicines, beauty products, medical devices, etc.

Sales Enquiry

No matter how big or small your operation is, we have a solution for you.

Please contact our sales team with your requirements. Our sales team will customize a solution for you.

Our Amazing People

Logistics is a people business

Our managers have more than 15 years of experiences in warehousing, logistics and information technology. Our professionalism and dedication will ensure your logistics need are well take care.